MIT 2018
Madness In Taiwan 台灣瘋排舞 MIT 2018 Party Playlist (tentative)
為了要讓參加MIT的朋友能夠跳到自己喜愛的舞,今年我們增加了舞曲點播的時間。除了在休息時間的開放點播時段外,每天晚上舞會開始前,若沒有人點播舞曲, DJ亦會開始播放當天研習營的新舞或熱門舞曲給在場的朋友跳。在晚上舞會中間也增加兩個點播舞曲的時段,希望大家充分利用這些時間點播自己喜愛的舞曲。也請點播的朋友先自行準備好音樂。謝謝!
We will be taking more dance requests this year so everybody at MIT can share their favorite dances. Not only can you request to play your favorite dances during lunch and dinner breaks, but, half an hour before the party, the DJ will also start playing the new dances taught that day and your requests. Two time slots will also be reserved each evening for requests, so you can start saving your favorite dance music on your USB memory sticks. Thank you!
Friday Madness Party
Dec. 7, 2018, 6-9:30PM
Beautiful Wonderful
Come Alive
Hasta Luego
Lady In Red
Larger Than Life
Lost In Love
Make Way
One Moment In Time
Pull You Through
Take Me To The River
To The Moon & Back
Watch The Tempo
We'll Stay Young
Yeeeee Haaaaa

         星期五舞會主題: 紅色
Party theme: Lady/Gentleman In Red
Saturday Bliss Party
Dec. 8, 2018, 6-9:30PM

Blaze Of Glory
Beautiful In My Eyes
Caltic Duo
Do It Like This
Hurts Like A Cha Cha
I Won't Let You Down
Mood Swing
Too Intoxicated
Vanotek Cha
What Do I Do
Sunday Farewell Party
Dec. 9, 2018, 4-8PM
Bboom Bboom (Evonne Ng)
Beautiful Flames
Caravan Charleston
Doing The Walk
Goodbye Kiss
Havana Cha
The Language Of Love
The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume
Thai Of My Life
Too Good At Goodbye's
Too Sexy!
You Are The Reason
     7/3/2018 updated.
     Schedule is subject to change.
     Please provide the DJ with the music of your requested dance.